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O.Plohmann, A.Schütte, "Janet: A Lightweigt Distributed Multi-Agent System in Java with Automatic Agent Load Balancing". In: 6th International Conference "Interactive Systems: The Problems of Human-Computer Interaction", Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Russia, 26-30 September 2005

U.Berner, "Optimized Face Animation with Morph-Targets". Interactive Graphics Systems Group, Darmstadt Technical University, Germany, 2004. (... our thanks to Oliver Plohmann, who made the measurements, some programming and the graphics).

blog posts (see blog)

Groovy 2.0 Performance compared to Java (also published on java.dzone.com, link)
Go-style Goroutines in Java and Scala using HawtDispatch (also published on java.dzone.com, link)
JDK8 lambdas and anonymous classes
STIters: Smalltalk-style collection iterators in Kotlin
Beyond C/C++: High-level system programming in D


"Das Actor-Model: Einfachere konkurrente Programmierung durch asynchrone Kommunikation" (The Actor Model: Simpler concurrent Programming through asynchronous Messages). Presented at the Meeting of the Extreme Programming User Group in Frankfurt am Main (XPUG FFM) on 09.09.2009.