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STIters is a little library that adds Smalltalk-style collection iterators to Kotlin. STIters was started as some little initial Kotlin programming exercise. Meanwhile it has become partially obsolete as Kotlin has its own standard library now named stdlib that provides many of the collection iterators found in STIters. Nevertheless, STIters contains some useful iterators in addition and  for the time being fixes some problems with iterators in stdlib as included in the Kotlin plugin 0.1.2090 or earlier (see KT-1859).

Kotlin is a relatively new statically typed JVM-based Java-compatible programming language much in the spirit of Scala. It is more concise than Java by supporting variable type inference, higher-order functions (closures), extension functions, mixins and first-class delegation, etc.  (see the Kotlin FAQ). It compiles at least as fast as Java which was one of the main reasons to abandon Scala besides making Kotlin way simpler than Scala. Being developed by JetBrains it inherits the excellent IntelliJ IDE (for which a Kotlin plugin is included in the free community edition) making you very productive writing Kotlin code.

Sources: stiters-0.0.1.zip or stiters on GitHub